my name is anatol, but you can also call me rae or fox. i use he/him pronouns.

i love cars and i love to drive. this site is meant to be a showcase of that interest, as a place to store and display my favorite car pictures from the shows i visit. currently i drive a silver 2006 nissan altima. i like watching rally and stock car races, and i would love to participate some day.

i love nature! i'm studying environmental science in college. i love hiking, appreciating the little things in life all around me, animism, and learning about relationships between people and the environment.

i love music. some of my favorite artists include julee cruise, crime and the city solution, nick cave and the bad seeds, street sects, tuxedomoon, renaldo and the loaf, the residents, depeche mode, butthole surfers, and faith no more. i love a lot of miscellaneous old and/or obscure country as well.

i love cartoons!!! my favorite right now is the venture bros. i enjoy being critical of this show, but overall i find it to be very heartfelt and sweet. i also like space ghost coast to coast, aqua teen hunger force, kaiba, le chat du rabbin, felidae, and the cat's mill.